About Us

We are a team passionate about our work.

Technology is in our DNA and in that of each person who adds value to the Proceti team.

Together through innovation we help leading companies to create extraordinary ways of living, working and overcoming the new challenges of the digital age, tasks that are at the heart of our daily lives!

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Years of experience

We started operations in Monterrey, NL
Youngest Mexican company to obtain CMMI-L3 certification
Expansion to CDMX
We obtained SAP Partner Open Ecosystem recognition.
Flexible Model Certification

Our Mission

Integrate a community of experts passionate about digital transformation that, through the best technology that man can create, boosts the potential and growth of people and companies.

our Vision

Become the leading community in digital transformation and be recognized for making technology synonymous with prosperity for all, with endless opportunities to learn more and enjoy truly valuable experiences every day.

Leadership Code.

Think Big

A Proceti leader does not settle, but uses empathy, innovates and contributes bold ideas to turn them into an engine for growth and improvement.

Transform with the power of Technology

Our team is constantly growing and learning, is persevering, seeking to improve our knowledge and skills in order to exceed the expectations of our work and provide quality services.

Deliver value

In the midst of this unprecedented wave of changes, we work to deliver valuable results that contribute not only to the profitable growth of companies, but also allow them to anticipate trends to evolve on time in a more agile manner.

Continuous Improvement

Proceti’s strength lies in our human talent, which is why we strive to constantly find better ways to create synergy and grow as part of a whole through innovation.

Strong Culture

The world is changing rapidly, but far from being afraid of making mistakes, we are committed to understanding our clients’ problems, preparing ourselves to deliver optimal solutions and extraordinary collaboration experiences, all through our leadership code.

Passion for innovation

We are moved by the great challenges of digital transformation and we are passionate about contributing our vocation and ability to contribute to achieving a better life for all.

Technology is good

Our team is made up of ethical people, with a social commitment, seeking to add value to our environment by supporting community programs and working to improve our society.

Work methodology

We have developed a solid methodology, based on the CMMI model, RUP and SCRUM best practices using UML notations. This allows us to execute projects from their conception, and then continue along a predictable and low-cost path, with high-quality results.

This methodology utilizes our extensive library of reusable components and architectures, which enables us to provide significant time and cost benefits to our clients. This model maximizes the experience and capabilities of our Global Delivery Center (GDC).


Service delivery model

Our work model maximizes adherence to customer requirements, through the optimal use of resources. According to the project, the work is distributed between the two places to optimally use all available resources.

Our model allows us to deliver services globally, from our GDC. This translates into high-quality and cost-effective solutions, with the additional benefits of short geographical proximity and shared time zones within the Americas.

Value model

The global delivery of services that characterizes Proceti follows a 360º approach, creating and distributing value at all levels of our services.

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