Empowering Digital Transformation: Success Case of CEMEX

Facing operational and technological challenges, CEMEX achieved a seamless cloud migration and optimized data management. Discover how this collaboration has driven operational efficiency and continuous innovation in a sector crucial to global progress.

Client Description


CEMEX, a global leader in the construction materials industry, stands out for its innovation and sustainability. Founded in Mexico, it has evolved to become a global benchmark in the production and distribution of cement, concrete, and related materials, with an active presence in over 50 countries.

Challenges and Objectives

The main challenge involved migrating their business systems to the cloud, a task that entailed substantial operational and technological complexities. The urgency to modernize their infrastructure became imperative to stay competitive and agile in an ever-evolving construction market.

The cloud migration process posed potential risks such as operational disruptions, data loss, and integration challenges, threatening operational efficiency and the ability to manage large volumes of data in real-time. The complexity of global-scale operations added an additional layer of difficulty, requiring a precise strategy to mitigate any negative impact on daily operations. The decision to seek IT Staffing services was based on the need to overcome these critical challenges.

Implemented Solution

Faced with these challenges, Proceti designed a comprehensive solution that specifically addressed migration issues, data management, and operational optimization. The implementation included data architects to design efficient storage systems and the customization of SAP with ABAP development and enhancements in the SD and FI modules. This strategy allowed CEMEX to tackle challenges with an agile and effective response.

The impact of our IT Staffing services is not only measured in terms of successful projects but also in tangible recognition. We are proud to share that, thanks to exceptional management and detailed follow-up by our consultants, Proceti is now ranked in the Top 30 CEMEX suppliers. This achievement not only validates our dedication but also our significant contribution to CEMEX’s operational excellence and continuous innovation.


Results and Benefits

Skillful Deployment of Data Architects

Our data architects not only designed efficient storage systems but also optimized data accessibility and integrity. This resulted in more effective data management and informed decision-making, enhancing CEMEX’s operational efficiency.

Key Implementation of SAP

The strategic implementation of SAP, with ABAP development and a focus on SD and FI modules over one year, not only modernized the infrastructure but also provided CEMEX with a robust platform for more accurate financial management and efficient product distribution.

Leadership in Data Management and Processing

By leading intelligent data management and processing, we ensured that CEMEX could make the most of its valuable information, enabling deeper analyses, more accurate forecasts, and agile decision-making.

Constant Commitment to UX/UI Design Improvement

Continual improvement in UX/UI design not only ensures a modern and appealing digital presence but also enhances the user experience, resulting in more positive interactions with CEMEX’s digital platforms and increased customer satisfaction.

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