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SAP Services

Evolve with our SAP solutions to be a better managed company.

This methodology uses our extensive library of reusable components and architectures, which allows us to offer great time and cost benefits for our clients. This model takes full advantage of the experience and capabilities of our Global Delivery Center (GDC).

Functional Consulting

Analysis and diagnosis - Alignment of processes - Solutions to make the most of resources.


Assignment of work teams - Integration with platforms - migrations to HANA


Support policies - remote service - ABAP development


that strengthens your IT team

With our Expert Model service you will find the ideal profile, talents with a global reach, in on site / off site mode, for all the SAP modules of your project:

Functional: SD, FI, CO, MM, PM, PP, QM, WM, TM, EWM and IBP.

HR: SAP HCM (PY, PA, OM, TM), SAP SFSF and SAP Concur.

Support: SAP Basis, Solution Manager, AMS, Alert Monitoring.

Development: ABAP, ABAP for HANA, SAP Fiori, SAP Integration, WF, HR, CRM, Webdynpro.

Analytics: SAP BW, SAP BPC, SAC, SAP IP, SAP Business Explorer, SAP DataServices, SAP BusinessObjects 4, SAP BW on HANA.

SAP S/4HANA Migration

If you are a SAP ERP user (SAP ECC version 7 or lower) migrate with our team to SAP S/HANA to have access to updates and new technologies.

Software Development

Support the growth of your company through a qualified work team with experience in various business processes, which will allow you to transform your need into a valuable technological solution.

We work under the best software development practices, allowing us to adapt a different process for the specific needs of each of our clients. Our certified talent as SCRUM Master and Project Management Professional ensure the performance of the resources of each project, delivering effective results in time, quality and costs.

Professional Team of programmer working on project in software development computer in IT company

Custom Apps

That make your business processes more efficient

Apps for mobile

That retain your customers and multiply your sales.

App Integration

That achieve successful communication between your applications.

From obsolete to Avant-Harde

Upgrade to working software with operational support.

Custom made project

Software Factory

Management of requirements through a tool.

Advanced Analytics

Through our advanced analytics service, Proceti will provide your company with 3 valuable benefits for decision making:


Visibility of the main KPIs of the business, facilitating the monitoring of the health of the business and timely decision-making.


Automation of manual preparation reports avoiding errors and significantly reducing the investment of hours.

Data Governance

Data governance by telling a single version of the truth.

Programmer using smartphone to install software program

1. Analytical data models

The cleaning and consolidation of the different source systems of the company is carried out, obtaining integrity and uniformity in the data

The information related to the different metrics and KPIs important for the business is stored, and can be exploited by different analytical platforms.

Highly scalable, distributed cloud storage solutions designed for BigData analytics

2. Consolidation and cleaning of data

This service is carried out through ETL tools that are in charge of loading, transforming/cleaning the information from different transactional sources.

3. Dashboard implementation

Analytical platforms that allow the connection to a wide variety of data sources, as well as the construction of dashboards, allowing the analytical content generated to be shared efficiently, quickly and safely.